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Other Education

Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents




Editorial: Our net widens? (1-2)

Helen E Lees

Special Issue Intro.: Free Alternative Schools in Germany (3-7)

Robert Hamm

Peer Reviewed Articles


Grown Unschoolers’ Evaluations of Their Unschooling Experiences:  Report I

on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults (8-32)

Peter Gray,Gina Riley

Grown Unschoolers’ Experiences with Higher Education and Employment:

Report II on a Survey of 75 Unschooled Adults (33-53)

Gina Riley,Peter Gray

Exploring the Potential Benefits of Holistic Education: A Formative Analysis


Sharon Lauricella,Stephanie MacAskill

Die Gründungsphase einer Alternativschule  und ihre Herausforderungen:

Eine rekonstruktive Einzelfallanalyse aus Elternsicht (79-106)

Silke Trumpa

Other Contributions


Free Alternative Schools in Germany (107-118)

Matthias Hofmann

Verschlimmbessern ist Gewiss Keine Lösung! Ein Plädoyer Wider Die

Wahnhafte Beschulung und Ihre Reform (119-138)

Bertrand Stern

Anleitung von PraktikantInnen in Freien Schulen:  Eine Gedankensammlung


Ulrike Nicolaus

Founding a Deleuzian School with a Derridian Name:  A School without

Condition (144-159)

Olaf Sanders

Self-Regulation (160-162)

Dirk Eiermann

Practical Examples of Children’s Participation in  Freie Schule Frankfurt:

Children’s Self-Regulation and the Role of the Teachers (163-171)

Dirk Eiermann

Visiting Glockseeschule in Hannover or: A Parabolic Flight Between Two

Different Schools (172-184)

Dirk Eiermann

The Political Dimension of Free and Home Schooling (185-188)

Stefan Blankertz

Bildung ohne Herrschaft:  Entwürfe libertärer Alternativschulpraxis


Ulrich Klemm

Pocket-money: Economics at the Freie Schule Frankfurt (209-233)

Cornelia Schlothauer

Book Reviews


Monika Seifert. Pädagogin der antiautoritären Erziehung: A biography by

Wilma Aden-Grossmann (234-237)

David Gribble

Geschichte und Gegenwart Freier Alternativschulen. Eine Einführung by

Matthias Hofmann (238-241)

Annette Ohme-Reinicke

Negotiating Legitimacy: Rituals and Reflection in School by Robert Hamm


Russell Dudley-Smith

Benign Violence: Education in and Beyond the Age of Reason by Ansgar Allen


Stephen Griffin

Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education

by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronicab (249-251)

Alison LaGarry

The LearningWeb Revolution and the Transformation of the School by Leonard

J. Waks (252-255)

Helen Crompton

Response to Crompton review by Leonard Waks (256-257)

Leonard Waks

Other Education


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