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Thanks for the continuing interest in the work of Other Education
Helen E. Lees

Other Education
Vol 5, No 1 (2016)
Table of Contents

Editorial: Diamond scholarship in and for alternative education (1-3)
Helen E Lees

Peer Reviewed Articles
Levers of Learning: Towards a Pedagogy of Liberation (4-29)
Martin Haigh

What happens if students are asked to learn Geography content, specifically
Population, through SOLE? (30-54)
Sally Rix, Stefan McElwee

Aaishah’s choice: Choosing home education in the Muslim community (55-72)
Rebecca English

Other Contributions
Letters from Lesbos: A Recounting of Emergency Pedagogy in Action (73-78)
Alys Mendus

(re)imagining education as an un-coercive re-arrangement of desires (79-88)
Vanessa Andreotti

Student as Producer: The Struggle for the Idea of the University (89-94)
Mike Neary

Meditative and Mindful Practicing of Self (95-97)
Leanne Tonkin

Book Reviews
BOOK REVIEW  Mayo: Hegemony and Education under Neoliberalism (98-100)
Nick Peim

BOOK REVIEW  Bakhshov: Against Capitalist Education (101-104)
Andrew L. Hostetler

BOOK REVIEW Cooper, Gormally & Hughes: Socially Just, Radical Alternatives
Michael Gilsenan

BOOK REVIEW Rothermel: International Perspectives on Home Education
Cristina Washell

BOOK REVIEW  McGowan:  Performing Kamishibai (109-111)
Kate Katafiasz

Other Education

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