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Carl Leggo


Dr. Carl Leggo is a poet and professor in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia. His books include: Growing Up Perpendicular on the Side of a Hill; View from My Mother’s House; Come-By-Chance; Teaching to Wonder: Responding to Poetry in the Secondary Classroom; Lifewriting as Literary Métissage and an Ethos for Our Times (co-authored with Erika Hasebe-Ludt and Cynthia Chambers); Being with A/r/tography (co-edited with Stephanie Springgay, Rita L. Irwin, and Peter Gouzouasis); Creative Expression, Creative Education (co-edited with Robert Kelly); Poetic Inquiry: Vibrant Voices in the Social Sciences (co-edited with Monica Prendergast and Pauline Sameshima); Speaking of Teaching (co-authored with Avraham Cohen, Marion Porath, Anthony Clarke, Heesoon Bai, and Karen Meyer); English in Middle and Secondary Classrooms (co-edited with Kedrick James and Teresa M. Dobson); A Heart of Wisdom: Life Writing as Empathetic Inquiry (co-edited with Cynthia Chambers, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, and Anita Sinner); and Sailing in a Concrete Boat: A Teacher’s Journey. Integral to his current creative and academic life, Carl Leggo is a happy grandfather to three darling granddaughters with the magical names: Madeleine, Mirabelle, and Gwenoviere.

Basic Info
Institution: University of British Columbia
Department: Language and Literacy Education
Street Address: 2125 Main Mall
City: Vancouver
State/ Province/ Region: BC
Postal/ Zip Code: V6T 1Z4
Country: Canada
Phone: 604-241-1954
Work Phone: 604-822-46440
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Discipline: Education
Category: Academics
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