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Marie-France Boissonneault

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Website: http://beastlyvirtues
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Country: Canada
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Discipline: Other
Category: Academics
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Selected Publications

Boissonneault, M. F. (2012). Beauty and the Enchanted Beast: The Narwhal (Monodon monoceros) in the Canadian Cultural Landscape, Tamkang Review, 42(2): 87-110. Download the article

Boissonneault, M. F. (2011). Predator or Scapegoat? The Australian Grey Nurse Shark through the Public Lens, Australian Zoologist, 35 (3): 534-543.

Boissonneault, M. F. & Stone, E. (2011). Once Upon a Veterinarian: An Examination of Veterinary Memoirs, Veterinary History, 16(2):154(26 pages).

Boissonneault, M. F. & Stone, E. (2011). From Print to Screen: Analysing the Changing Role of Women as Veterinarians, The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 52(3): 322–325. Download the Article

Stone, E. & Boissonneault, M. F. (2010). Silver Screen Practitioners: An Examination of the Veterinary Persona in Fiction Films, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 22 Pages, (Accepted).

Boissonneault, M. F., Gladstone, W., Scott, P., Cushing, N. (2005). Grey Nurse Shark Human Interactions and Portrayals: A Study of Newspaper Portrayals of the Grey Nurse Shark from 1969-2003, Electronic Green Journal, Issue 22, 21 pages. Download the Article

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Author of Every Living Being and Nurse or Nemesis.

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