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Oren Ergas


I lecture at the Hebrew University in the school of education (Israel), in the field of contemplative education. I focus on diverse jusfitifcations for the inclusion of mindfulness, yoga and tai chi in the public curriculum. My dissertation established an non-dual educational model based on yoga philosophy, and explored the yogic posture as a life-pedagogy. Currently I publish work in peer-reviewed educational journals, with this agenda of making sense of why we may want contemplative practices in our curriculum.

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Institution: Hebrew University, Israel
Department: School of education
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City: Modi\'in
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Country: Israel
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Discipline: Education
Category: Academics
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Selected publications:

• (accepted). Two mind-altering curriculums: “to think or not to think?”, Journal of Transformative Education.
• (accepted). What are contemplative pedagogies? Megamot (in Hebrew)
• (2014) Mindfulness at the intersection of science, religion and education. Critical Studies in Education 55 (1), 58-72.
• (2014). Overcoming the philosophy/life, body/mind rift: Demonstrating yoga as embodied-lived-philosophical-practice. Educational Philosophy and Theory 46(1), 74-86.
• (2013). Body-Oriented Pedagogy: When Descartes Assumes a Headstand. Paideusis, 21 (1), 4-12.
• (2011). Spirituality as a pragmatic science - Towards the establishment of a holistic educational rationale. Journal of Religion and Education, 38(2), 165-178.

• (Forthcoming). The swinging door between body and consciousness. in Y. Tadmor & A. Freiman (eds.) Being: Foundational Questions. Mofet Publishers (in Hebrew).
• (2013). Why meditate? Toward a possible life-pedagogy. in J. Arthur & T. Lovat (eds.) International Handbook for Education, Religion and Values. Routledge. 135-145.
• (2013). Re-envisioning embodied higher education towards Integrity: Standing meditation as pedagogy. in J. Lin, R. Oxford, E. Brantmeier (eds.). Re-envisioning Higher Education: Embodied paths to Wisdom and Social Transformation. Toronto: Information Age Publishing. 211-228.

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Additional Info:

I am currently in search for postdoc opportunities either in Canada or elsewhere, with the prospect of continuing conceptual and qualitative research in the field of contemplative practice.

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