May/June Newsletter

Mindfulness and Contemplative Education Newsletter

Greetings all and welcome to the May-June issue of the mindfulness and Contemplative Education Newsletter:

This issue contains an array of interesting, informative and useful resources. I encourage you to give a look to each of them.

The Think Piece, “Living with Covid” is focused on a brief discussion of why we find isolation so difficult to deal with and then some ways to deal with the stress and anxiety of that crisis. But as I composed this Newsletter I, and I’m sure all of you, are becoming increasingly aware of the many and rapidly increasing crises being brought on by global warming. From heat raising to 121°F/49°C on this continent, people dying due to heat, wildfires, melting ice, sea-levels rising and much else. The scientific predictions are that things will rapidly get worse.

So, we will need some clues as to how to cope such  as those in the Think Piece but even more urgently we will need a well-educated populace who will be able to both cope themselves and to develop the methodologies we need to deal with these crises. The journal issues you will find below can provide information that is bound to be of use to those who are in the education field at any level. For this reason, I urge you to share the information and especially to share the widely the Call for the special issue of Religions among your contacts, colleagues and upper-level students.

This issue is devoted to the use of Buddhist practice for addressing the crises with which we are now faced and those to come because of global warming and the ecological, social, economic and vast range of other crises with which we are now faced and which will escalate. But while we can, enjoy the great beauty of this earth, our home.

Please find the full newsletter here: MayJune MCE Newsletter PDF

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