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We would like to draw your attention to the publication of the latest issue
of Philosophical Inquiry in Education (formerly Paideusis).

Hot off the presses, this issue features a symposium on Eamonn Callan’s
timely and provocative new article “Education in Safe and Unsafe Spaces”.
The important distinction Callan draws between ‘dignity safety’ and
‘intellectual safety’ is sure to helpfully influence debates on campuses
across North America and beyond, where clashes about what constitute
appropriate university restrictions on campus speech rage on in the wake of
high profile controversies at Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford and
elsewhere.  Along with 3 substantive response essays, Callan’s essay is a
notable example of philosophy of education as an intervention in issues of
broader public relevance.

The new issue of PIE also features several articles that address a wide
range of educational issues from a philosophical perspective, provocative
shorter pieces in our ‘Dialogue and Debate’ section, and reviews of several
new books in the field.  This issue also contains the second instalment of
our ‘From the Archives’ section, with “Conceptual Finesse,” an article by
Robin Barrow from the very first issue of the journal.

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David Waddington
Bruce Maxwell
Kevin McDonough

Editors-in-Chief, PIE

Philosophical Inquiry in Education
Vol 24, No 1 (2016)
Table of Contents


“The Very Unrecognizability of the Other”: Edith Stein, Judith Butler,
and the Pedagogical Challenge of Empathy (1-14)
Polina Kukar
Indexical Ways of Knowing: An Inquiry Into the Indexical Sign and How to
Educate for Novelty (15-36)
Cary Campbell
The Perfectionist Call of Intelligibility: Secondary English, Creative
Writing, and Moral Education (37-52)
Oliver Belas
Pedagogy of Attention: Subverting the Strong Language of Intention in Social
Justice Education (53-63)
Sarah J. Desroches

Special Invited Symposium: Safe Space in the University

Education in Safe and Unsafe Spaces (64-78)
Eamonn Callan
Safety, Dignity, and the Quest for a Democratic Campus Culture (79-85)
Sigal Ben-Porath
Anger and Pedagogy (86-90)
Cris Mayo
Egalitarianism, Safety, and Virtue in Education: A Response to Callan
Jonathan Turcotte-Summers

Dialogue and Debate

Assessment or Surveillance? Panopticism and Higher Education (102-109)
Emery Hyslop-Margison, Ramonia Rochester

Book Reviews

Strong Democracy in Crisis: Promise or Peril? (Trevor Norris) (110-114)
Samantha Deane
What Is a Public Education and Why We Need It (Walter Feinberg) (115-119)
Kathleen Knight-Abowitz, Robert Karaba

From the Archives…

Conceptual Finesse
Robin Barrow

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