Latest Issue of Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Dear Mindfulness and Contemplative Education Colleagues:

As many of you know, we’ve had a few glitches at the website this fall. Happily, things are now sorted out. We are very fortunate to now have the help of Mustapha Safadieh who has extensive experience in copy editing, writing and associated matters. He is quickly getting things back on course as you can see from all the new postings on the website.

The following items have gone up since Mustapha took over:

  • This month’s Member of the Month
  • Philosophy of Education Call for Papers
  • Cohering the Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups
  • Latest Issue of Philosophical Inquiry in Education
  • The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education

We are pleased to have Dr. Shahar Rabi as our member of the month. Dr. Rabi is engaged in an innovative and important initiative to develop, “Mindfulness and body-centered interventions as a means for well-being, connection and growth.” His list of publications will provide you with a good introduction to this work and you can also contact him for further discussion. Thank you, Dr. Rabi, for your contribution to this work and to the website!

In the new year we want to find ways to make the site more interactive and more useful for you and your colleagues. We welcome any suggestions you might have for enhancing involvement in the important work of mindfulness and other forms of contemplative education. So, get creative and let us know what would stimulate your thinking and inspire you. For instance, send us a sample of your finished work, work in progress, creative works, questions or issues you’d like to exchange on, anything you’d like to share and discuss. As ever, the work of students is especially welcome.

We look forward to your participation in the new year as we all continue working to promote mindfulness and contemplative education. Please spread the word about the website among your colleagues and especially among your students. They are the future and the future will surely need their efforts.

We wish each of you the very best of the season and a peaceful and productive new year.

The Mindfulness and Contemplative Education Team

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