July – August 2021 Newsletter

Greetings Colleagues, Students, and all Readers of the Newsletter –

We trust you and yours are keeping well in these perilous times. These have certainly been difficult for all of us as we face the crises of our every-day lives. But far worse than many that we face are the ongoing and rapidly increasing  climate crisis. David Loy sent me the video below, an interview with the great teacher Joanna Macy (joanna@joannamacy.net).She sent it to him the following message: “My own watching of the video prompted me to start sending it to everyone I know, including each of you! I hope you will be moved to share it widely.  Love,  Joanna”


Kind friends and family,


I am sending you a link to a 20 minute video entitled, “Climate Crisis As Spiritual Path,” which I just received from filmmakers Anne Macksound and John Ankele (Old Dog Documentaries). They interviewed me in 2013 for a film they released in 2014, entitled: “The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism & Community.”


The news these days is full of crises, covid, the mess in Afghanistan and the
most dire of all, the multiple changes brought about by environmental change, which
is causing extremely high temperatures, fires, storms, water evaporation, air
pollution, agricultural failures, species extinction and many other issues. The recent
U.N. Climate Report (2021) states that this is a red light for us. We need to make
changes and make them immediately or it will be too late to stop climate changes
which, in the view of many, may literally cause the extinction of humanity.

Read more: “Are We Listening Yet?”

As you see, this is the July-August 2021 Newsletter. However, my calendar says October 12th. Leaves are turning and falling, plants have stopped blooming and are turning to seed, and, owing to the environmental crisis, the weather where I am jumps back and forth from cool and fall-like to mid-summer. But it’s not the weather that caused the delay in the Newsletter. It has been for me a deluge of academic work and a few personal issues. But now I seem to be getting things under control (I hope I’m not speaking too soon!) and getting back to the Newsletter. I do apologize for the delay. However, I don’t think it will work to plan a September-October Newsletter. What we plan to do is send this Newsletter out to cover July-August and what we have so far for September–October. The next issue will come out toward the end of December. We’ll call it the November-December Newsletter, but it will include anything that comes in after this one goes out. Again, I do apologize for the delay and hope it didn’t have a negative effect on any of your items.



Educating for Mutual Accommodation and Compassion

Macdonald (2020) argues that there are four pillars of civilization- freedom, science and
technology, mutual accommodation and compassion. The emphasis in the West since
the Renaissance has been on freedom and science. The latter two pillars are needed if
civilization is to thrive. In contrast to many countries where nativism, authoritarianism,
and populism is manifest, Canada has been able to engage in mutual accommodation
so that Quebec did not separate and is “unique among Western nations in the absence
of seriously poisoned immigration politics”.

Read more: “Educating for Mutual Accommodation and Compassion”, Jack Miller.


A Holistic Educator’s Journey

Professor Miller’s book, The Holistic Curriculum first published in 1988 along with the publication of the holistic education review have been seen as the beginning of holistic education as a field of study. Since his journey has been connected with so many other holistic educators this book can serve as one perspective on how the field has unfolded over the past 35 years. Besides this historical perspective, the book includes a chapter on his meditation practice as well as his beliefs. There is also a chapter on his teaching and how he attempts to embody holistic education in his classroom.

Read more: A Holistic Educator’s Journey, John P Miller

How To Think About The Climate Crisis

Behind the coronavirus pandemic looms a phenomenon that will cause far greater global misery unless we act to prevent it: a breakdown of the climate.

Read more: How To Think About The Climate Crisis, Graham Parkes

Learning in Nature

There is love on these pages, love for nature, the cosmos, the body’s deep knowing and
students. Learning in Nature focuses on the lives of 6 drama students who gathered weekly
at a community arts center during their childhood and adolescence.

Read more: Learning in Nature, Kelli Nigh



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