February 2022 – Newsletter


Greetings Colleagues, Students, and all Readers of the Newsletter –

We are pleased to finally be sending a Mindfulness and Contemplative Education Newsletter. I apologize, most especially to contributors, for its tardiness and the information you as readers have missed. It has been delated for a number of reasons. On the personal level primarily a heavy workload and personal health issues. But more broadly the ongoing disruption and extra work demanded by covid has played a great role for all of us. Happily, I am feeling better and very glad to be catching up with the Newsletter. It is now near the end of the term and so the workload only increases but this is our Reading Week so I’m using some of the time to do this Newsletter.

We are asking readers and those with relevant information, events, publications and other material to kindly send it to us for publication. We certainly will not have the issues which delayed our Newsletter in future although we all need to cross our fingers regarding covid. Your contribution will get the word out on the new developments for a mode of education which is sadly very much needed today so kindly send them in.

And thank you David Loy for the cartoon!
Cartoon image of two monks in dialogue.




This Think Piece looks at two modes of reasoning and will relate these to the question of how we can arrive at the most appropriate human behavior in a given situation. Those two modes of reasoning are what I’ve called narrative logic, although narrative morality would be more correct, and the other is science-modeled Logic. I will acknowledge at this point that the answer to the question of which is appropriate is not always simply either/or.


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“Holistic Education Review” November 2021 The HER Editorial Team is delighted and proud to announce that Vol.1 Number 2 is now live and ready for viewing!

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“Holistic Education Review” December 2021” Vol. 1, Number 2 is ready for viewing.

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Holistic Teacher Education: In Search of a Curriculum for Troubled Times, Ed. Rupert Clive Collister

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UNESCO “Futures of Education”

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