David Forbes – March 2017

David Forbes, PhD, LMHC, is Associate Professor in the School Counseling program in the School of Education at Brooklyn College/CUNY and an affiliate faculty [ Continue reading … ]

Avraham Cohen – February 2017

I am currently a psychotherapist in private practice, Professor in a Master’s in Counselling program, author, and an avid fitness, nutrition, and longevity practitioner. I [ Continue reading … ]

Shahar Rabi

Dr. Shahar Rabi: Registered Clinical Counsellor and Co-Founder and Director of Education for the New Earth Institute, Dr. Shahar Rabi is currently the Program Director [ Continue reading … ]

Charles and Heesoon on the Contemplative Life

Heesoon Bai (HB): Hello Charles, we are yet again doing our favourite thing: dialogue! Aka, hanging out together (Scott, 2009) . . . perhaps not [ Continue reading … ]

Abid Azam

Greetings fellow Contemplative Education members,

I’m honoured to have this platform to introduce myself to you and share my current interests and projects. I am [ Continue reading … ]

Tom Culham


Tom, an engineer with a 30-year career, held a variety of senior business leadership roles including: consulting engineer, trade association representative, and forest [ Continue reading … ]

Oren Ergas

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be featured as member of the month. I’ll say some quite informal words about my”self”, or [ Continue reading … ]

Dave Chang

I am humbled and honoured to be featured as a member of the month. Certainly more illustrious persons have graced the space of [ Continue reading … ]

Remington Cooney

Hi there! My name is Remington Cooney and I am a student in Simon Fraser University’s Contemplative Inquiry program – a first of its [ Continue reading … ]

Laurie Anderson

Hi, my name is Laurie Anderson, and I’m honored to be profiled here. I’ll tell you a bit about myself and how [ Continue reading … ]