New Issue: Journal of International Students

Volume 10, Issue 3

Explore the 10.3 issue of our 10th anniversary series. The cutting-edge research and analysis published in the journal [ Continue reading … ]

New Publications by Oren Ergas

Reclaiming the Educational Through Embodied Narratives of ‘Know Thyself’

By Oren Ergas, PhD Senior Lecturer Faculty of Education Beit Berl College

2020, Post-critical Perspectives [ Continue reading … ]

Philosophy East/West: Exploring Intersections Between Educational and Contemplative Practices

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Reconstructing ‘Education’ through Mindful Attention by Oren Ergas


This book reconstructs the idea and practice of education. Rather than conceiving of education as a process we undergo in which our minds [ Continue reading … ]

Just For Today: And Holistic Journal, by Paul E. Royes

This one year journal is undated so that students can randomly find a page and write on the one sentence resolve that it contains. [ Continue reading … ]

Holistic Education and Embodied Learning by John P. Miller and Kelli Nigh

Handbook of Mindfulness


This handbook explores mindfulness philosophy and practice as it functions in today’s socioeconomic, cultural, and political landscape. Chapters discuss the many ways in which [ Continue reading … ]

The Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education




This state-of-the-art, comprehensive Handbook fully explores the field of alternative education on an international scale. Alternatives to mainstream schooling and education [ Continue reading … ]

Cohering the Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups


This anthology has been designed as a resource for advancing new perspectives, practices and knowledge of the we-space as a group process that brings [ Continue reading … ]

Recent Publications from Tom Culham

Journal Articles

Culham, T., (2015), Virtue Ethics as a Framework for Teaching and Evaluating Business Ethics, Journal of Business Ethics Education, 12 (4).

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