Avraham Cohen – February 2017

I am currently a psychotherapist in private practice, Professor in a Master’s in Counselling program, author, and an avid fitness, nutrition, and longevity practitioner. I practice Ki-Aikido and am currently at the green belt level. Having a black belt in a martial art has been for some curious reason a life-long dream.

For the past decade, I have been working on developing and establishing, along with my wife, Dr. Heesoon Bai, and other colleagues, various initiatives to work with psychotherapists, educators, and people in leadership positions. These initiatives concern: leadership training and development; humanization of organizational and educational environments through multi-dimensional generative integration of contemplative practice and process-oriented psychotherapy methods;applying group and organizational theory and practice to educational environments;and providing holistic self-care-development for psychotherapists. We intend to establish an institution to shelter all these initiatives and also develop a well integrated and bonded community of human beings who are practitioners as well as theorists.

I see a widening adaptation gap between the transnational globalized environment the human species have created and the 200,000 year-old human neuro-cognitive structure that, to this day, has much in common with our cave ancestors. This triune brain (reptilian, limbic, and neocortex) is clearly having a challenging time coping with the rapid change process in the world. I would attribute this to the very common human tendency to resort to reactions (not considered responses) to perceived danger–danger that is symbolic and that does not represent an actual physical threat.I see having more skilful ability with habitual reactivity, and cultivating expansive reflective capacity through contemplative inner work practices to be the most urgent task in education and contemporary society today.

What I am most interested in is developing and offering process and pedagogy that addresses the continuum from the individual to the systemic. I believe the need is for a quantum shift in human consciousness and in a short time. I don’t know if this is possible. I see the pursuit of this as a most worthy and ethical venture at this crucial time in human history.

I see as core to our work,practices that encompass a systemic view along with contemplative practice and process-oriented inner work, which can move humanity towards aligning with the natural world and our own awakened nature.I believe that such pedagogy offers optimal possibility for human, other-than-human, and planetary survival and thriving.I have been developing and working with such processes throughout my career. The feedback from my students, and from clients in my psychotherapy practice has been very confirming of my radical and creative approach in terms of facilitating life changing experience for them.

Here is a selected list of books, articles and chapters that I have authored and co-authored since 2008:

Books (Peer Reviewed)

Cohen, A. (2015).  Becoming fully human within education environments: Inner life, relationship, and learning (2nd efd.). (Previously, Cohen, A. (2009). Gateway to the Dao-field: Essays for the awakening educator. Cambria.) Vancouver BC: Writeroom.http://www.amazon.ca/Becoming-Fully-Within-Educational-Environments/dp/0987797204/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410580912&sr=1-2

Cohen, A., Porath, M., Clarke, A., Bai, H., Leggo, C., & Meyer, K. (2014).Speaking of Learning: Recollections, Revelations, and Realizations.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.(http://www.amazon.ca/Speaking-Learning-Recollections-Revelations-Realizations/dp/9462097151/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1414660672&sr=1-3

Cohen, A., Porath, M., Clarke, A., Bai, H., Leggo, C., & Meyer, K. (2012).  Speaking of Teaching . . . Inclinations, Inspirations, and Innerworkings.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Bai, H., Cohen, A. & Park, S. (In-press). Classroom as dojo: Contemplative teaching and learning as martial art. In a special issue A. Zajonc& D. Barbezat (Eds.), The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. http://journal.contemplativeinquiry.org/index.php/joci/index

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Book Chapters (Peer Reviewed)

Cohen, A. (2017). Setting Group Culture Development in Motion, Chapter in Fehr, S. (Ed.)  (2017). 101 Interventions in Group Therapy, (2nd Edition). New York NY: Routledge.

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