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The purpose of this site is to provide an international hub for scholars, researchers, teachers and students who are working in the rapidly growing field of contemplative education. Its purpose is to facilitate contact, information sharing, collaboration on projects, mentoring students and a range of other activities. The site is designed so that you can register and post your information as well as search the site for colleagues and material that interests you. In addition, it provides a source of information and contacts for those interested in exploring the possibilities of this area of pedagogy and research but who are not yet registered. Both registration and searching are free and so we urge you to register and become a part of the growing and exciting contemplative education community. Fill out the registration form to set up your page. You can post your photo, c.v or brief biography, descriptions of your research projects or teaching praxis, and contact information. Once your page is open, you can update it as new work or information comes available. [ read more ]

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