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Students Learning for a Contemplative Future

We are inviting current and recently graduated students to contribute to an exciting new book project.

Society has developed a rapidly increasing interest in contemplative practices and spiritual experiences both outside of and within traditional educational establishments. Many students at all levels are now being taught a wide range of these practices in the classroom. Some are simply introduced, for instance, to mindfulness techniques for the purpose of developing the ability to enhance study and to cope more effectively with the stresses of their lives and education. In other classrooms their introduction includes practices to develop the insights and creativity needed to develop new ways of personal being and to bring about change in their area of study or performance. Some courses they engage in advanced and in-depth study of traditional texts and techniques, often with a focus specifically on applying them to their professional interests. Their experiences and learning in all of these classrooms will influence the work for which they are preparing and the world that work will impact. [ read more… ]


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